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Sterling Renaissance Inc.
Sterling Renaissance Inc.

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Sterling Renaissance Inc.Sterling Renaissance Inc.Sterling Renaissance Inc. Sterling Renaissance Inc.

Green Building Practices at Sterling Renaissance, Inc.

There is no doubt that our environment needs to be preserved so it will remain pure for our future generations. The construction of a building and its completed ongoing operation can have a great consequence on the environment. It can also have a positive or a negative effect on the health of the individuals that occupy the structure. We are committed to minimizing any negative environmental impact that our construction process may cause. We are also committed to building a product that will have a positive effect on the exterior environment and indoor quality of life for the occupants. Our Green practices include:

•  Team participation on projects that are targeted for LEED certification.
    Together with the owner and the architect, we participate in the design
    phase to help plan a building that will receive LEED certification while
    maintaining a desired budget.

•  Analysis of product selection to meet the LEED standards.

•  Project management of the subcontractors to acquire, monitor and
    submit the proper documentation necessary for the LEED submittal
    and review processes.

•  Strict adherence to the LEED guidelines for Green Construction.

•  LEED Green Associate training to achieve accreditation for key
    ownership individuals and project managers in the company.

•  Encourage project owners to design and develop buildings to meet the
    LEED standards.

•  Dedication to finding Green products that will meet the required budget.

•  Recycling of waste materials created from the construction process.

•  On remodeling projects, recycling of materials within the existing
    building to be reused in the new design.

Green Building Practices

Sterling Renaissance Inc.

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